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Farm of Terror 2017

The Farm of Terror attraction is a live experience horror event! Being voted one of the UK's TOP Terror attractions this is one scare experience not to miss! Navigate your way through a maze of corridors alleyways and terror scenes and see if you make it out alive!!

The Farm of Terror Scare Attraction is back open for 2017 for 5 horrific days of hell. With new scares and new evils lurking within we WILL bring your worst nightmares to life!!

Do you have what it takes to experience the farm of terror??


Black Death

"Ring-a-ring o' roses, A pocket full of posies, A-tishoo! A-tishoo! We all fall down."

Face Off

Prepare yourself to meet the "The Doctor" A cosmetic surgeon driven mad by is late wifes obsession with beauty he murder her by attempting to remove her faceand replace with his own.

New for 2017

The Morgue is a new horror experience designed to place even the strongest of minds into a state of illogical fear. Think you have what it takes to survive The Morgue? (Additional cost on the day of £6.00 will be required to enter The Morgue)