Q:If i get too scared where can i… attend natures business?

A: There are toilets in the barn but if you are in the middle of a tour then… well you know…

Q: Normally you are a nice fluffy petting farm can my kids come to this event?

A: well if you want them to be exposed to things more horrific then anything they know and want to have to stay up for the next year with night terrors then yeah sure!…

Q: My child really wants to come what happens if he gets to scared?

A: One of our terror team will fight through the monsters and save your child and have them waiting for you at the barn

Q: Does that mean we can have a refund?

A: Are you crazy? the whole point is to get scared!

Q: Im hungry, im thirsty!

A: We have food and drinks available dont worry!

Q: will i have to wait in the rain?

A: Well if its raining!! Although the barn is accessable for most of the event im afraid you will have to endever the elements at some point, SO WRAP UP! ( no mini skirts/shorts)