The Farm of Terror attraction is a live experience horror event! Being voted one of the UK’s TOP Terror attractions this is one scare experience not to miss! Navigate your way through a maze of corridors alleyways and terror scenes and see if you make it out alive!!

The Farm of Terror Scare Attraction is back open for 2018 for 5 horrific days of hell. With new scares and new evils lurking within we WILL bring your worst nightmares to life!!

Do you have what it takes to experience the farm of terror??


Check out last year’s video to tantalize your terror tastebuds


the only UK scare attraction administering the Live or Die concept in which you can tailor your own scare experience to suit your preference.  Choose to Live and you will be given a glow-stick so the horrors within will not approach you,  Choose to die and you WILL be scared, you WILL be touched and you will NOT survive.


21st century deadliest war


Your turn to be treated like an animal


Creepiest circus in town

Hill Billy Hell

Cletus, Brandine and jedadiah will make you feel JUST like one of the family


You might not like who you meet


Fester in 17th century delirium